Worker Information

All workers must meet the following criteria to qualify for Job Postings:

  • Must be legally allowed to work in the (US) United States. Immigration status must allow you to work and you must have proper documentation to support this claim (e.g., work permit, permanent alien card, I-94, SS card, etc.)
  • Must have valid form of ID, which should consist of one of the following:
  • State issued
    drivers license

    State issued
    ID card


    State issued
    Picture ID

    If you meet these criteria, we can place you on any job as long as you meet the specific qualifications for each category. The certifications listed below are the most common when working in the environmental field. There are of course additional certifications you can receive which will give you an edge over other workers who lack these certifications.
    If you desire to get a leg up on the competition, acquiring these certfications will definitely help you at some point.

    Asbestos Work

    HazMat Work

    Lead Abatement

    Confined Space

    Additional Training

    Bloodborne Pathogens