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All workers need the following to qualify for job postings:

Everyone needs to be legally allowed to work in the United States, that means that your immigration status must allow you to work and you have proper documentation to support this claim. For example: work permit, permanent alien card, I-94, SS card, etc.

Besides the above, everyone must have a valid form of ID, which consists of one of the following:

State issued
drivers license

State issued
ID card


State issued
Picture ID

If you have one of the above documents, we can place you in upcoming jobs, as long as you are qualified for that job category.

Additional certification and job qualification details for workers are listed on our worker information page.

  • If you are ready to apply as a worker, fill out our worker application.
  • If you are ready to apply as a contractor, fill out our contractor application
  • Cornerstone has formed an alliance with East Coast Resources

    Cornerstone Training Institute and East Coast Resources Form Alliance to Help Workers Receive Job Placement after Completed Certification

    The alliance allows individuals who receive training at Cornerstone to enter East Coast Resources job pool for placement once they receive the necessary safety training.

    Learn more about how you can receive certifications with Cornerstone Training Institute.