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Services We Provide To Contractors

We offer the most complete service package in the industry to accommodate all contractor needs.

As our contractor client, you will receive the following services from East Coast Resources LLC.:

Worker Prescreening:

At East Coast Resources LLC., we ensure that all our workers meet the following criteria:

1. All worker documentation is on file in our office and available online for contractors.
2. We offer Drug Screening for potential workers if necessary. In order to get a drug test for a worker,East Coast Resources must be notified 2 weeks prior to job commencement (fee applies).
3. We ensure all workers have the necessary documentation for working legally in the U.S.

Worker Training:

1. All workers are properly screened for the appropriate training for job specific duties.
2. We have business relationships with training facilities to ensure workers stay certified.

Document Organization and Handling:

We handle many workers, contractors, personnel, and job locations. Because of this we have a very efficient system and set of procedures to keep all documents organized. With our system we can do a quick look up and fax or email copies directly to you. The paperwork is available at the touch of a button.
All documentation is on file in our office and available for contractors to download online and print if necessary.

Worker Guarantee:

If a worker we assigned underperforms or isn't providing the necessary level of work, we will replace them within 24 hours.

1. The workers we assign are properly trained for your specific job duties.
2. We create teams to get your job done (We do NOT just offer individual workers).
3. We offer contractors access to our database to allow them to see how many workers we may have in a certain area.
This info will better assist you in making informed decisions when bidding work. (Please Note: This part of the service is coming soon.)

Housing and Per Diem Tracking:

East Coast Resources handles all housing and per diem distribution on your behalf for the workers we assign.
We put all the line items into one detailed bill for you - simple and organized

Fast Lookup of Workers by Zip Code:

As we mentioned above, our system allows us to search by zip code radius to quickly find the certified workers you need. That means we can find workers in the area of your job site.